Dani Hobbs Performs Their First LA Set at the Tiny Shed


“When I write a new song, that’s who I am right there and then.”


Dani Hobbs relocated from rainy Seattle to sunny Los Angeles a mere ten days before their first recording session at Tiny Shed LA. They kicked off their time at the shed by gracing us with their first original song in five years. 


“My goal in life is to change, learn, and grow.” 


We were struck not by Dani’s vocal prowess, strength, and control—but by their soul, which flew out with the notes, filling the room. Earthy and blue green; soft and bright. Warm, tempered by pain, laughter, and love. Dani has performed in front of both sold out audiences and indifferent shopping mall crowds; friends beg them to pull out a guitar at every campfire and dinner party. Dani’s sweet sounds do not just hold weight in front of an audience of hundreds—their songwriting and presence transform and move in the most unpretentious of circumstances. We watched them paint Tiny Shed gold with their song. 


“Why am I not doing this every single day?” 


Dani has always known their calling. However, rather than riskily baring their music and therefore soul to the seemingly limitless abyss of the internet, Dani has spent recent years working professionally in musical theater, gestating, living the kind of life that inspires new songs. 


And new projects are coming. We were lucky to hear their newest song. They hope to gain forward momentum this year by sharing more of themselves and their work with the rest of the world, beginning with Tiny Shed LA. 


“I feel like every six months I’m a new person. I love learning about myself and being able to shine a light on different parts of myself with music and writing.” 


Music has always been Dani’s greatest vehicle for processing. It’s been a filter for their emotions, environment, and even physical well-being. It’s how they find flow. 


They described their early twenties as a humbling and often stumbling experience. The highs and lows of their younger years have since awarded them a plethora of inspiration—more language to talk about their identity, their feelings, and their music. 


“If you don’t listen to Tracy Chapman what the hell are you doing?!” 


With influences like Brandi Carlile and Tracy Chapman, it’s no surprise that their lyricism melted our hearts from the start. Whether it was a beloved cover or an original work, Dani has a unique and soulful take on every song.



“I really just hope to connect with people through music. I want to feel like artists are allowed to be themselves.” 


Dani’s experience at Tiny Shed LA was a crucial moment in their journey back to singing and songwriting. Only further exciting them about their recent move to Los Angeles, working with our team opened their eyes to the vast artistic opportunities available in the city. Small Green Door welcomed Dani into the fold; connecting them to other artists and innovators while inspiring them to keep creating. 


“The shed is welcoming and doesn’t care how marketable you are, they care about who you are.” 


Read our full interview with Dani below—and don’t forget to check out Dani’s tunes and follow their happenings on the internet.




Interview with Dani Hobbs:


Tiny Shed LA: What first got you into music?

Dani: I've been obsessed with singing since I was very little. The Lion King was my jam when I was little and I ran around singing "Can You Feel the Love Tonight?" on repeat. In middle school, I started playing guitar so I would have something to sing along with. The middle school I went to had a camp called School of Rock in Seattle where we learned to play an instrument or sing in a "rock band" for 5 days and that's where I started my journey with guitar.

TSLA: What are your musical goals? What do you hope to achieve through musical expression? 
Dani: I really just hope to connect with people through music. Feeling seen is the most important experience anyone can have and music makes me feel seen so frequently, I hope to provide that experience for other people. I also love learning about myself and being able to shine a light on different parts of myself with music and writing.

TSLA: What is the one message you’d like to leave your fans?
Dani: Self-love and vulnerability change will change you and the world. Push yourself, learn about yourself, commit to knowing yourself and sharing you with the world.

TSLA: What are you proud of, but never have an excuse to talk about?
Dani: I wrote a musical my senior year of high school called Hot Mess with a group of girls and it was bomb. I also played Seymour in Little Shop of Horrors in 2018 and I never have an excuse to talk about that but I do anyway. 

TSLA: Have you ever had a creativity block? How did you overcome it?
Dani: I have creative blocks all the time. When it happens in one area of my art, I try to be creative in another. If I'm having a hard time writing a song, I try to paint. If I can't come up with what to paint, I'll play guitar. Also, moving my body is the ultimate release for me. I go on a run or to a yoga class or I lift some heavy things, it's like a meditative experience and it clears up so much space in my head to be able to create.


Influences: Tracy Chapman, Brandi Carlile

Instagram: @danihobbsmusic

Theatre https://www.broadwayworld.com/people/Dani-Hobbs/

Live Performance: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W95-08lmWkc&feature=youtu.be

Photos by Emily Lautch