The TinyShed Project is a highly interactive music platform tailored for emerging and established musicians who are looking to hone their craft, explore new musical landscapes, and need a comfortable space to work and explore the next steps of their music, all under the support from a community of like-minded music lovers in the LA area. As a creative agency, Small Green Door heavily invests into the heart and passion of projects like TinyShed, not only the the monetary value. To SGD, musicians who are serious about crafting their music, and not just concerned with likes, shares, or money, are exactly the kind of people we want to invest in. The TinyShed Project is a non-profit endeavor seeking to help musicians forge a new pathway to explore their music and put their artistry out into the world. This is why we invested in high quality video/audio recording gear and hand designed a flexible, outdoor live recording space with a rustic vibe. We actively search for creative musicians to invite them to use our space and multimedia resources, at no cost to the artists.

Here at SGD, we care about investing in people. Our philosophy is that if you invest in the art and artists, the profit will come naturally as long as there is passion, care, and integrity behind the music. This kind of musical integrity is vital to the success of the TinyShed Project. We want to get to know musicians personally and build a genuine rapport with them so we can champion their journey as it unfolds, and in turn, add to the vibrancy of the LA music scene as well. It matters to us to find musicians that care first and only about their craft and the quality of it, not just the money, fame and social propriety. These are our guiding principles.

Musicians that come through our space will be able to collaborate with the people and resources that make up the SGD family. We record musicians from various genres using high quality video and audio recording equipment. For you musicians that are always striving to develop, hone, and solidify your artistic vision, we invite you to take interest in Tiny Shed LA. We hope to build a community of like minded musicians to join our campaign and shed light on the unseen, remarkable talent around us. We hope to see and hear from you soon, and look forward to the journey towards a flourishing LA music community.