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Fusion LA Tickets at the Tiny Shed LA

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Get your dancing shoes ready for Fusion LA's first artist and live music performance show of the new year. This will be the celebration of cultural and musical diversity in the beautiful city of Los Angeles. Come crash the party. You won't want to miss this soon-to-be unforgettable night on February 1, 2020 at Small Green Door's Tiny Shed. 

With special guest performances by: 

  • Octave Bleu, Tied Minds, Rend, Stone Cult, SwanDive, So It Goes, ZenFoo, Lady Bird, She Took The Kids, Eerie Jane, Andre Hustace, Kinneret, Rucku$, Lil Polo, Aaron Matthews, Kwon, and The Tewa. 

Artists and vendors include:

  • 10 K Ways, Jfier Art, Des Gomez, Camille Cano, Syren Bier, Cayla Rose, LambxChop, Solitare, Meredith Swafford, Taryn Segal, and Erika Rubio. 

The evening will be DJ'd by none other than DJ SAF (Sick Ass Foo).